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Free Cat Toys and Treats
Every Month

Every month we give away a box full of toys and treats to one lucky cat (including delivery) to their home anywhere in Australia.

Just sign up with your name and email address here, and go in the draw. It's completely free, with no strings attached. By signing up you also become eligible for other benefits, see below for more about that.

Free to Good Home

CatBox is given away to a lucky cat every month, randomly selected out of the list of active subscribers. With a retail value in excess of $50 + delivery costs, the treats and toys within are hand picked for quality and fun - sure to please the fussiest of feline friends.

CatBox sample of cat toys and treats

Other Winners
Told Us

Thank you so much. How lucky are my little darlings.
I am one of those people who never win anything.

Dianne, Tasmania

Owned by AJ & Little Boof

I am so excited to have won this month!
Thank you so much, I am sure they will enjoy their prize!


Owned by Nitten, Moo, Stan and Denzel

I am so excited and grateful for my win!
Wow I can't wait you made my day with a huge smile! Thank you.

Susan, Victoria

Owned by Jaspurr and Josie

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Signing up is free, and includes so much.


You can't beat the value - toys and treats delivered to the winning home, for your fur-baby. Sign up for your chance to win, every month.

Special Release Access

CatBox periodically releases limited time CatBoxes for purchase, with limited quantities, not sold on the website and only available to subscribers.

Cat Happenings

We keep you up to date with the latest cat-happenings and related news, as well as some of the funniest cat jokes and videos we find.

Cat Folio

Store and share your cat's antics with the world - upload your furry monster's pictures to CatBox and we might even feature them on our Facebook page!


Frequently Asked Questions

Can I just buy
a CatBox?

The short answer is - no. The longer answer is sort of; by signing up for the free monthly giveaway you may win one, but you also get exclusive access to our Blue Ribbon CatBox releases.

What is a Blue Ribbon

Glad you asked - these are released periodically (at our discretion) to our fans, and can only be purchased through a direct link we email out, and strictly for a limited time or until sold out.

How often DO you release
a Blue Ribbon CatBox?

Typically every 2 to 3 months; but we also time a Blue Ribbon CatBox release around special occassions. There's nothing more special under the Christmas tree for your cat than one of these special treats.

Why not just sell them
all the time?

They take a lot of work and research to put together, and often include hard to get items or items exclusive in Australia. We don't want to sacrifice quality for quantity!

Can I recommend
some goodies?

Whether you've seen something you really like, or if you're an Australian manufacturer (or small cat-related franchise), contact us, we'll love hearing your ideas!

Can I send you some
pictures of my kitties?

Oh even better - you can create a special page on CatBox for your kitty! Just go to Cats Of CatBox and follow the instructions. Every time a picture or video is shared we see it, and it's also a chance of being featured on our Facebook page.


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