Cat Buddies in play

Cat Buddies
handmade in Hawaii

The Original Cat Buddies
as seen on 'My Cat From Hell'

Hand made (with Aloha) in Hawaii by Marie and her son Ka'ohu, the original cat buddies were designed as a unique toy for Jackson Galaxy (you probably know him), and they were a great hit with him and his cats!

with love

Designed, cut and sewn with seasonally available materials, each one is unique and special. Feel the love put into them.

and soft

Able to withstand your cat's rough bunny kicking play, but soft enough to snuggle with. Cute to boot - your cat will love it.

with catnip

Certified organic catnip leaves and buds give your Cat Buddy long lasting fun potential.


The Cat Cow Buddy is loved by my cats. They really respond to the high quality of the cat nip inside. It brings out the kitten in them! Can't recommend this product highly enough .... every cat household should have one, or more!

Poppy, Bonnie, Phoebie and Rosie

Their Mum, Karen

Matt The Cat LOVES his Cat Buddy doll ( and so does my forearm, its a great alternative when rough housing )!

Matt The Cat


Choose Your
Cat Buddy

We have a wide range of colours available, pick the one that you love the best.

Each handmade Cat Buddy is only $29!

(Note: Some variance should be expected in your Cat Buddy, as they are handmade, and unique)