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Felik AI Cat Companion

Artificially Intelligent Cat Companion

by Felik

Felik uses a camera and machine learning (AI) to track your cats and react to their movements and play with them just like you would!

  • Detects your cats
  • Tracks their movement
  • Predicts their next action
  • Reacts intelligently
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Say Hello to Felik
The world's first AI powered cat companion

Unlike the pet toys of yester-year, Felik takes it to the next level and plays with your cat like you would.


Sit back and enjoy the show as Felik's AI intelligently reacts to yuour furry hunter's movements. No human required.

For Any Cat

Customise Felik's AI algorithms to match your cat's unique personality. Hunters of all skill and age are welcome.


Schedule fully automated play sessions throughout the week so your cat stays entertained even when you're out or at work.


Specify restricted zones where the laser will not go, and Felik will avoid them during playtime, to protect your home and your cat.


Connect Felik via your home wi-fi and it will update to make playtime even more amazing as features come out.

One Year

Peace of mind warranty so you can be sure Felik will give your cat all the playtime they need for a long time to come.

Litter Robot introduction

Watch Felik
in Action

Keeping your cat healthier, amused and active has never been so amazing.

Felik and stand packaging

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