Pidan Igloo Cat Litter Box

Cat Igloo Litter Box

"Absolutely love it. No litter scattered around the box and keeps the dogs out as well."
- Medea (mum to Princess), QLD

Enjoy a cleaner more hygienic home today -

  • Less time cleaning the litter box.
  • Save time cleaning the litter all over your home
  • Stop young children and dogs from getting in the litter box
  • No more litter on the floors
  • No more hiding the litter box
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Intelligently designed
and modern

Virtually eliminates litter tracking, with styling is unlike any other litter box, so you can hide it in plain sight.


Absolutely impossible for cat litter to escape by the sides or top.

Award winning

Internationally recognised as a 'reddot' award winner.

Reduces litter

Effectively reduces litter tracking as much as possible.

Looks great
in your home

Modern ergonomic design lets it style comfortably in your home.

Litter scratching

Surrounding canopy prevents litter from escaping.

Easy cleaning
every time

Strong yet lightweight, with easy access to the litter.

Modkat Litter Box white

the Igloo Litter Box

Odour reducing with complete containment of cat litter to where you need it - IN the litter box.

Included is an ergonomic scooper that clips inside the igloo, out of sight, available every time you need it.

Enjoy litter free floors now

FREE shipping to metro areas for orders over $50 within Australia, buy now for $149.

Includes concealed scoop!

FREE shipping to metro areas for orders over $50

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Lets Get Technical

cat igloo front dimensions
cat igloo scoop and radius dimensions

Igloo Top

Completely enclosed space keeps the litter inside no matter how vigorously they scratch and dig.

Anti-tracking Ramp

The anti litter tracking walkway lets the litter drop back down as they leave.

Get the scoop

Hidden inside is a scoop (included) so you always have one when it's time to lift and clean.

All reviews from CatBox customers

Jane: 5 / 5

Owned by Brutus and Mia Martin

Mia went straight in being a kitten, curiosity got her but Brutus needed coaxing but now they have privacy and less mess on the floor. They love it.

Steven: 5 / 5

Owned by Neo and Trinity

Trinity uses it, Neo won't use it and refuses to go into it, so we have to run an extra tray.

Jennifer: 5 / 5

Owned by Trixie & Luna

Our (2) cats love it - fresh, modern, easy

Elisabeth: 5 / 5

Owned by Coco

My rating of the cat igloo is five stars. After ordering it, the igloo arrived wirhin days. It is very attractive, but I was sceptical about my 10 year old cat wanting to use it. I introduced it to Coco without the dome, just with sand in the base. She immediately used it. I replaced the dome and hoped for the best. Coco obviously likes it; th ...

Yvette: 5 / 5

Owned by Winter

Winter used it immediately. I love the look and ease of cleaning the litter tray. Cool purchase.

Mandy: 5 / 5

Owned by Modrić

When Modrich saw his new kitty litter igloo. He wasn't quite sure what it was. When nature called he happily ventured in and done his bussiness in privacy. No messy litter over the floor. Modrich is very happy , so too are Mom and Dad. Thank you for great product.

Dr: 4 / 5

Owned by Yemaya

Yemaya the 18 year old Burmese refused to use it - seemed scared she wouldn’t be able to get out. Artemis the 3mth year old Burmese thought it was the best thing since eating socks. It’s quite large but good aesthetic and design.

Rebekka: 5 / 5

Owned by Wendy

Wendy loves it and so do I

Kellie: 5 / 5

Owned by Billy

We purchased 2 of these and they are absolutely awesome. I love how it keeps the dogs out, and the cats had no issues at all changing from the old kitty litter box to these ones. They were both inquisitive and went straight in to check them out! And having the scoop stored inside is very handy too!

Robert: 5 / 5

Owned by Charlie

Charlie got used to the Igloo almost straight away! We all love that he now has his own private place - no mess and no nasty smells!

EMMA: 5 / 5

Owned by MJ Shirt

My cat loved the Igloo right right away. I even caught her playing in it once!!!! It took me a little while to figure out the best way to clean it out, but now I have that down pat, I am it love with it. It's clean & tidy (next to no litter spill), holds quite a lot of the smell, looks good and most of all my little girls loves the privacy it provi ...

Kim: 5 / 5

Owned by Bailey and Venus

This is the best litter box ever! It looks great and our Labrador can’t get into it.

JOHN: 5 / 5

Owned by Milo

Milo loves his new private luxury cat igloo . I love the design and fit into my bathroom in style ! 5 Star for awesome

Dianne: 4 / 5

Owned by Linus and Louis

It took the boys a week before they were comfortable with it, but now they seem to prefer it to the old litter box . It does reduce litter scatter and is much more child proof.

Sharron: 5 / 5

Owned by Mia

Mia loves her new Igloo Cat Litter Box - and so do I. No more litter crystals on the laundry floor due to the very clever perforated bridge she has to walk over. Very aesthetic looks with its ultra modern design, and very easy to clean.

Tricia: 5 / 5

Owned by Sebastian

Great litter tray. No more mess for me to pick up. Sebastian loves the privacy of the igloo too!!

jillian: 5 / 5

Owned by pravda

She loved it, we love it because it’s so stylish it’s sculptural x

Alice: 5 / 5

Owned by peggy

My cats Peggy and Mabel love thieir new litter box. I haven’t seen a single grain of litter outside the box and it also contains smell. It it also the most reasonably priced out of all the litter boxes I have seen.

Rosalie: 5 / 5

Owned by Pearlie

Pearlie took a little while to warm to her Igloo Litter Box, but with zero persuasion on my part she grew used to the new arrangement, and now it works perfectly. It really has eliminated that horrible tracking of litter, and is super stylish. Five stars!

Joyce: 5 / 5

Owned by Winston

Winston loved his igloo toilet! It took a while to train him to use it, but once he got used to it, he uses it often. I think he loves the space and the privacy! It still does smell like a normal litter when there it is freshly used. However, it looks like a little cubbyhouse and it does reduce the litter being spilt on the floor. We did line ...

Seungwon: 5 / 5

Owned by Miss Gray

With 3 cats, I have 3 litter boxes out at the balcony and 3 inside. Since winter is coming, I needed one more inside and chose the igloo. I didn’t do anything but put it down with litter in. All 3 of them love it!! It’s their favourite spot of all.

Judy: 5 / 5

Owned by Lily & Hughie

The Igloo is great both cats love it We purchased it for our motorhome as the cats travel with us Only suggestion is that a grid be added so you can rotate the top

Marea: 5 / 5

Owned by Princess

Absolutely love it. No litter scattered around the box and keeps the dogs out as well.

Paula: 5 / 5

Owned by Marshall

Excellent cat litter igloo, Marshall loves it, He makes heaps of noise when inside the igloo it sounds as though he is having a fight, and it is pleasing to look at also.

Leslie: 5 / 5

Owned by Mr J

Aaah Mr J has been resisting his new igloo. I think it’s a great product. But so far he has only stuck his nose in. I cant force him. He may be too old to change. So sadly I have no pics.

Samantha: 4 / 5

Owned by Kora

Great product. We use it as an outdoor kitty litter tray. It's great, water proof and dog proof. The only negative is the our cat doesn't like the grate and jumps directly from the tray over the grate to the patio, which leaves a trail of kitty litter. However she is starting to get use to it and there is less and less of a kitty little tray. Defin ...

Alison: 3 / 5

Owned by Kitty

The idea is wonderful, reality not quite so much. It is very big, takes up a lot of space and does not blend in at all like some other trays.. Cumbersome to move or remove lid. If you are like me and change litter outside or in another room, the base is awkward and large. Does it work? So far my cats still manage to bring litter out of the box, i ...

Robyn: 5 / 5

Owned by Lenny

Lenny loves his igloo! Got used to it very quickly & I’m so glad he can do his business in private! And the dogs can’t ‘clean’ up after him either

Julia: 5 / 5

Owned by Pebbles

Pebbles absolutely loves her new Igloo litter box- and so do I ! No more kitty litter around the house. Hurray 😄

Ashleigh: 5 / 5

Owned by Hef

Absolutely hands down the best litter tray I have ever bought! Well made! Looks nice! Very easy to clean. Hef has no problems using it and he fits inside!!!(he's a big cat) 🐈 A+++ thank you

Enjoy litter free floors now

FREE shipping to metro areas for orders over $50 within Australia, buy now for $149.

Includes concealed scoop!

FREE shipping to metro areas for orders over $50
4.8 out of 5 Stars