Modkat Litter Box

Modkat Litter Box

Litter-free floors are incredible

The award winning Modkat Litter Box is modern, stylish, and almost completely eliminates floor litter.

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Thoughtfully considered
and beautiful

Not only does the Modkat Litter Box virtually eliminate litter tracking, its stylish modern design means the litter box no longer has to be hidden in the laundry, under stairs or - erk - a bedroom!

All in one
litter solution

Comes with the litter box, scooper and a re-usable pee resistant liner.

Award winning

Internationally recognised as a 'reddot' award winner.

Reduces litter

Effectively reduces litter tracking as much as possible.

Looks great
in your home

Modern ergonomic design lets it style comfortably in your home.

Side spray

Seamless enclosure prevents leaks that otherwise escape.

Easy cleaning
every time

The swivel pull-out lid and liner make cleaning simpler.

Modkat Litter Box white

the Modkat Litter Box

With a top locking lid that cats walk off, litter is kept where it should be - and off your floor.

Accompanied by an ergonomic scooper that clips onto the top and a re-usable tarp liner that is resilient scratching and easy to clean - the litter box has never been this awesome.

Enjoy litter free floors now

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Includes re-usable liner, and ergonomic scoop.

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Lets Get Technical

modkat side dimensions
modkat top and side dimensions

Top access

The easy lift lockable swivel top creates a fully enclosed space to keep the litter and pee inside no matter how vigorously they scratch and dig.

Re-usable liners

Made from heavy duty tarpaulin, it is easy to clean and extra tough, with a snapping band that keeps the tall tarp high to contain the mess.

Great scoop

Ergnonomically designed and curved to match the ModKat curves, the perfect scoop will never be far away as it comes with a clip to hang on either side.

Modkat litter box white

How Others Have Rated
Modkat Litter Boxes

Over 1,000 reviews on the US ModKat site
with a fantastic average of 4.7 stars from hundreds of happy cat owners.


Averaging 4.2 stars out of 5 on Amazon from hundreds of reviews.


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FREE shipping to metro areas for orders over $50 on any colour