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20 reviews
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The modular cat tower by CatBox is an awesome and unique house for your cats, made in Australia from high quality materials for durability and style.

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All our sales have a 30 day satisfaction guarantee - if you are not happy with it we will happily organise a return as long as no undue strain was put on the product (ie, you drove a truck over it). We are cat people, and you are cat people so we know you're one of us.

The Purrfect Space

Transform the way your cat lives, hunts, and plays.

by Nature

All cats need a space of their own - a well defined, well defended territory - it's a natural part of their wild instincts from which they can spy and hunt.

and Stimulated

Excite and challenge your cats with peekaboo holes and hidey sections to help keep them active and mentally challenged.


Cats with their own space are less stressed, and have somewhere to escape to and feel safe when danger (visitors, loud noises) arrives.

and Safe

Cats love to survey their area from up high, a tower gives them a vantage point, and a castle lets them rule (without climbing up your furniture).

Modular Tower

Set up however you want, and join multiple towers together for extra awesome combinations!

Does Your Cat Deserve
A Special Space?

We have created modular cat towers in high quality styling, each one able to be put together to suit you and your cat's needs.

Re-enforced Cardboard

Strong high quality cardboard, with kraft texture cats love.

Designed and Manufactured

Made locally in Australia, from Australian cardboard.

Six Sides
All different

Each box has up to 6 sides with different patterns included.


Primarily made of cardboard, it is environmentally conscious.

Modular Cat Tower standing up

How Cats Respond
To The Tower

We introduce the CatBox cats to a new tower.

Completely Modular

Any side can go anywhere for complete flexibility.


All ceilings include holes so your cats can climb and explore around.


Hook and loop connectors make for easy assembly and re-configuration.

Any CatBox

All CatBox modular cardboard products connect to each other easily.

of Fun

With many entrances, windows and lots of peekaboo, it's an entertainment centre.


Add towers together and go bigger!

Strong - Wall supported ceiling/roof pieces can easily hold the largest of cats, and stand up to rough and tumble antics when your kitties fight for best positioning.

Milo (pictured below) is an 11kg Tom, and put it to the test!
(Special thanks to Milo's human, Mandy, for putting the tower to the test. We never doubted!)

Easy Assembly - It only takes a few minutes to use the included hook-and-loop to join the boxes, tower, and castle together

Configurable - Setup however you want, and if you change your mind its easy to re-configure

Durable - Renforced quality construction, with multiple layers of cardboard and padding

Think of the incredible possibilities

Snowcup staring on cat tower

How Others Have Rated
The Cat Tower

Carolyn: 5 / 5

Owned by Ms Cara Cat

Ms Cara Cat just loves her tower. She hops in there and swipes at me as I pass by and loves to swipe at toys dangled around the tower. She spends quite a bit of time in her terrific tower.

Nadia: 4 / 5

Owned by Bruce & Leela

When we first put the tower together it wasnt sturdy at all (it gave way while one of my cats was in it!) We put it together again and did extra reinforcement with the velcro straps, and it has been fine since.

Lorraine: 5 / 5

Owned by Misty

Great product and my cat loves it... She likes to hide in it and swipe me as I go by haha

YANXI: 5 / 5

Owned by Mona and Marco

Thanks,that tower is cute,they love it.

Paula: 5 / 5

Owned by Hicup

My cat loves his tower. He sleep in the top ever night and plays is the different levels during the day. He also like to chew on the cardboard quiet a lot. 😻

Gyharn: 1 / 5

Owned by Gyharn Wilkin

My cats were interested in it for the first 3 hours and havent touched it since. You need more than one section to make the concept work which is very expensive especially then they are more interested in a $70 cat tree.

Fiona: 4 / 5

Owned by Higgins

The Cat Tower (or cat castle as we call it) is a hit with Higgins. He likes to sit atop it and keep an eye on the street -- when he is not sleeping in it. The product seems to be relatively durable, even though he does enjoy chewing the velcro, odd little being that he is. The only reason for the four stars is because of the shipping issues. Tha ...

Tara: 5 / 5

Owned by Tara Graham

Great item, alot sturdier than expected.

Val: 4 / 5

Owned by Charlie and Rosie

Both our kitties love the tower, especially Rosie. The cardboard is sturdy, and there are plenty of velcro strips to hold it all together. I might have constructed it a bit too quickly though as we had a ceiling collapse, which I have yet to put back in place. The other ceiling is holding strong, and Charlie is well over 5 kilos of delightfulne ...

June: 5 / 5

Owned by Autumn

Very easy assembly. Autumn takes a while to enjoy new toys. But she has already been exploring her new castle!

Leane: 5 / 5

Owned by Smudge

How do I get my cat to play in it?

Nadia: 5 / 5

Owned by Charlie & Patsy

Great versatile castle, the cats love chasing, hiding, sleeping and rubbing their face on it. Stable and strong, however I don't know how well a fat cat would go on the second level. The endless holes was why I bought it and it has been fantastic during play time with toys and saving your hands from being in the crossfire . Excellent purchase!

Julie: 5 / 5

Owned by Scooter and Frankie

Frankie and Scooter love playing , climbing through, and sitting on top of their cat castle. They like to ambush each other through the smaller holes and have lots of different toys throughout for added enjoyment. A great success with these two playful boys!

Peter: 1 / 5

Owned by Peter Northcote

The cats hate it. It's been up since the day it was delivered and they want nothing to do with it. Total waste of money...and time,,,,,took forever to put together.

Daniel: 5 / 5

Owned by Jones and Ripley

Cats being cats it took a little time for them to warm up to it but they definitely enjoy the new hiding place!

Justin: 5 / 5

Owned by Medea

Medéa absolutely loves her new castle! I enjoyed putting it together - it was like a small project - and she was straight in as I built it! Very happy with my catbox kitty castle.

Elizabeth: 4 / 5

Owned by Finnley

I was really excited to discover Catbox as our cat Finnley really loves boxes. Our other cat doesn’t like them at all so it was perfect as an amusement just for him. I’ve probably had more fun with it so far, putting it all together but I’m sure he will enjoy it over the years. It really is the purrfect little pad for cats! The cardboard is solid a ...

Kim: 5 / 5

Owned by Stormy

We have 3 cats and they cannot get enough of their Cat Castle! Everyone competes to be Queen of the Castle, and some epic battles have been fought over it. They also love sleeping in it together and groom ing each other while lazing in/on it. We couldn't have gotten them a better play environment

Rennae: 5 / 5

Owned by Lorelei, Daisy-Belle, Apricot & Oscar

Yes, my cats all love their new CatBox.. It looks great too in my lounge. I was flat out starting to construct it when they where climbing all over it.. Thank you CatBox for such a wonderful product.. Head Bumps to you all.. Rennae

Ange: 5 / 5

Owned by Stormageddon - Dark Lord of All

5 stars! All our girls love the towers for playing, snoozing and, in Stormy's case, as a launching pad to leap into us as we pass by.....

Grab a Cat Tower Now

Spoil your cat with an awesome tower by CatBox.

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20 reviews
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FREE shipping to metro areas for orders over $50 applies!
Modular Cat Tower standing up

Inside the Box

There are 6 unique sides included in each Tower, and 2 of each is provided for a total of 12 modular sides.

Each castle comes with 3 full towers, allowing you to put them together however you want and go wide or tall, or even split them up into separate towers if your cats do not like sharing!

Putting together the towers is a breeze - each modular piece connects to another with hook and loop (it's like velcro), so you can change it up as often as you want, easily and quickly.

It all flat-packs right back to its original form if you need to pack up or you move, and a castle flat packs into a stack of approximately 40cm by 40cm!

Every Tower comes with a random 'tower/steeple' top, OR the 'rampart' (castley looking thing).
Every Castle comes with at least one of each of the 'tower/steeple' tops AND a 'rampart' (the third tower top is random).

Grab a Cat Tower Now

Spoil your cat with an awesome tower by CatBox.

${{productItem.price}} {{productItem.benefit}}

20 reviews
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FREE shipping to metro areas for orders over $50 applies!