Litter Pro Non Stick Cat Litter Scooper

Non Stick
Litter Scoop

The Litter Pro. Australia's favourite new pooper scooper!

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Easy To Clean

100% non-stick for cat urine, litter washes right off!

Effortless to use
Easy to clean

Run the Litter Pro under water and watch the pee and clumps of cat litter roll off!

Deep scoop
Saves time

No more scooping over and over on the same spot to get the clumps off!

Durable aluminium
Made to last

Strong aluminium construction, not plastic so it will not break mid-scoop!

Great comfort

Comfortable to use with one hand or two, the best scoop for those with arthritis.

Quick Sifting
Efficient sifting

Saves time and money with quick-sift while still catching small clumps.

Bacterial resistance
Non porous

Plastic is porous, and harbours the bacteria that cause that awful litter smell.

Litter pro non stick pooper scooper

5 Year

We believe in quality, and the Litter Pro is incredibly strong and made to sift your litter boxes for many years.

With a five year warranty on the Litter Pro against breakage in normal conditions (ie, sifting litter), your poop scooping days will be easier for a long time!

Stop Struggling Today

Save time, save money, and get that mess cleaned up in no time.

Add To Cart $37
FREE shipping to metro areas for orders over $50
Litter pro cat litter box scooper

What Others Said About
The Litter Pro

I love the Litter pro scoop for the size and the fact that it's made from aluminium. The plastic scoops that I normally use are always getting broken, so this is a great alternative, I love it so much that I will buy another one to use upstairs.

Karen (QLD)

Owned by Poppy, Bonnie, Phoebie and Rosie

Amazing scooper, it's so strong, and I can use it with two hands and just scoop everything out and then run it under water, thank you! Excellent purchase!

Alex (QLD)

Owned by Lilly

Best scooper yet that I've come across . Has a great grip and long enough not to have to put your whole hand into the dusty litter box as you're scooping away. It is so easy to scoop the entire litter box without missing any areas as the shovel area is large and well cupped, and ensures none is missed, and it's done quickly .

Nadia (NSW)

Owned by Charlie & Patsy

Become a Litter Pro

Everything washes right off, keeping your litter and home more hygienic, grab yours now.

  • Saves time
  • Won't stink
  • Won't break
  • Complimentary 5 year warranty
Add To Cart $37
FREE shipping to metro areas for orders over $50