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CatBox Warranty And Returns

Blue Ribbon Boxes

Our Blue Ribbon boxes are meticulously chosen, packed and sent. Once delivered, if something within is broken, or not working as intended, please contact us, and we will do our best to arrange a replacement, provide credit toward your next CatBox, or send something extra special your way. We don't want your cat to be disappointed!


All products purchases through our online shop, where the products are not a part of a subscription, are covered by our 60 days money back 100% satisfaction guarantee as long as no undue strain was put on the product (ie you drove a truck over it). Within that period we will happily accept a return for a refund where the item is deemed to be defective, not working as intended or not fit for purpose.

Ultimately, we're cat people and you're cat people, so we're pretty relaxed about it all.

As always, if in doubt, or curious - just drop us a line and ask.