Stop Cat Scratching Furniture - ScratchGuard

Stop Cats Scratching Furniture

with ScratchGuard

The most effective, painless and convenient way to stop your cat from scratching unwanted areas!

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Retrain your cat and
claim back your home

Stop your cat scratching furniture with ScratchGuard and these 3 simple steps.

Apply ScratchGuard

Cover the area your cat is scratching, with ScratchGuard (use testing strips to assess surface suitability).

Offer An Alternative

Cats NEED to scratch, so put a scratching post next to the ScratchGuard'ed area, let them use that instead (and consider trimming their claws).

Remove ScratchGuard

Once your cat is happily using the scratching post instead, it's safe to dispose of ScratchGuard!

Litter Robot introduction

and Effective

ScratchGuard is transparent, so can be applied to any colour furniture. Pressure-sensitive self-adhesive means that ScratchGuard can stick to most surfaces from super smooth to fabric.

Important: Should be cautiously used on leather, and ALWAYS be tested somewhere safe or hidden (2x test strips included with every ScratchGuard).

ScratchGuard is self-adhesive, strong, and each box comes with 2 large pieces (27cm by 50cm tall) which can be applied directly or cut to size as required. It's flexibility means that it can wrap around arm-rests or corners on couches as well.

of ScratchGuard

Multiple Cats
No Problem

Works perfectly with many cats, unlike sprays (which also can stain, or leave horrible odours).

No Hooks
Or Pins

No piercing required, so will not leave pinprick holes or tear out when being removed.

Just Peel
And Stick

Simple to use, simple to remove, and quite simply very effective.


ScratchGuard Your Home Today

Easy to install, simple, effective and painless.

Buy Now $27
Scratch Guard protecting couch from cat scratching

How Others Have Rated

4.6 out of 5 Stars

So thankful I found this product! Since putting it on my couch my cat hasn’t bothered to touch it! Can’t wait for my second order to come so I can wrap the other couch, thanks Catbox!!

Chris (QLD)

(Owned by Stuart the Scratch Master)

Scratchguard works a treat!

Sylvia (QLD)

(Owned by Cooper the Sharp-Clawed)

Not sure Milli and Simba like it but I certainly do and it works really well.

Karen (VIC)

(Owned by Simba and Milli the Shredders)

The most effective way to re-train your cat from destroying your home.!

Scratch Guard protecting couch from cat scratching

ScratchGuard Your Home Today

Easy to install, simple, effective and painless.

Buy Now $27
4.6 out of 5 Stars