Self Cleaning Litter Box

Self Cleaning Litter Box

Litter Robot 3 'Open Air'

The highest rated self cleaning litter box in the world is available in Australia

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Automatic Litter Box
For Cats

Tired of scooping every day? Spend more time with your cat, and less time bending and shovelling cat poo. The Litter Robot is a chemical free way of automatically sifting and packing your beloved cat's left overs, while reducing the odor considerably.

Multiple Cats
No Problem

Works perfectly with many cats, giving each a clean litter box to work with every time.

Never Scoop
Litter Again

Litter Robot's pantented process sifts and packs away waste out of the litter box and into the concealed waste compartment.


Waste is concealed in a carbon filter drawer, reducing odor effectively, and in some cases almost eliminating it.


The efficiency of the Litter Robot means that clean litter is preserved efficiently, removing only clumps.


No need to keep checking if the waste drawer is full, the litter robot lets you know when it's time.


Did we mention it's self cleaning? It detects when your cat exits, and starts a cleaning cycle!

Litter Robot introduction

Say Hello
To The Litter Robot

Designed to make having cats easier and cheaper, the Litter Robot III Open Air has new features including an automatic night light, adjustable wait time settings and a full draw indicator.

Taking care of your kitty's business has never been this easy.

of the Litter Robot

Really Works

Free yourself from cleaning, with the confidence that your kitty's litter box will be cleaned automatically, reliably and consistently. Able to hold many days waste the Litter Robot lets you get on with enjoying things.

Patented System

Cats are very clean by nature, and prefer to go in a clean box every time - clumps are quietly removed allowing the waste to drop into the concealed waste chamber. No rake mechanism means no jamming or clogging.


Designed to use standard rubbish bags (or shopping bags) in the waste chamber, the Litter Robot is inexpensive to use for the many years use you will get from it - without ongoing hidden costs.

Any Clumping
Cat Litter

Just as the waste chamber is made to use normal bags, the unit itself works perfectly with a wide variety of clumping cat litters. Litter crystals, pearls, and biodegradable types are important to you, and us.

No More
Litter Box Odor

Concealed away under the Litter Robot the waste receptacle prevents mold growth, and helps control and eliminate that classic litter box smell. For one cat, this only needs to be emptied every 7 to 10 days!


With a small amount of electricity used (no water or plumbing required), and standard household bags for waste, there can be as much as a 50% reduction in litter use with the Litter Robot's efficient clump sifting and removal.

And Comfortable

With no moving parts, sharp objects or rakes inside to harm your precious cat, the Litter Robot has a safety mechanism that stops it working when a cat is inside. Spacious inside, and an enlarged entry, great for cats between 2kg and 12kg.

Well Built
To Last

Quality manufacturing that is designed for reliable trouble-free service, with minimal maintainance, to ensure a long service life. With a 90 day money-back guarantee, and 18 month warranty , it's built to last.


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FREE shipping to metro areas for orders over $50 within Australia, buy now for $895.

Purrfect for multiple cat households.


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Lets Get Technical

Litter robot 3 open air dimensions

Power Supply Included
15 Volt DC, AU

39.37cm High, 26.04cm Wide

One Colour

90 Day Money Back Guarantee
AND 18 Months Warranty

74.93cm High, 61.60cm Wide
68.58cm Deep

In The Box
Fully Assembled Litter Robot 3 Open Air
Australian Power Supply
Instruction Manual
Reference Guide

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How Others Have Rated
Litter Robot

Over 1,500 reviews on the US Litter Robot site
with an insane average of 5 stars from hundreds of happy cat owners.

Litter Robot

Averaging 4.3 stars out of 5 on Amazon from hundreds of reviews.


Other Australians have rated their Litter Robot at a solid 5 stars from dozens of reviews!

Cat Evolution

Truly the highest rated self cleaning litter box in the world!

Money Back

90 Day

Try before you decide - Litter Robot comes with a 90 day customer satisfaction guarantee for peace of mind to our Australian customers, if for whatever reason you are unsatisfied with the Litter Robot.

18 Month

Subject to terms and conditions if your self cleaning Litter Robot does not perform according to the specifications during the warranty period, you are entitled to a repair or replacement!


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Stop bending, scooping and wasting time on waste.

Free yourself from the pooper-scooper. Forever!