Sticky Paws for Furniture

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Sticky Paws for furniture is a great way to stop your cats from scratching your furniture, couches and home!

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Cats need to scratch - its part of their wild nature and a way for them to keep their claws healthy, muscles stretched, and gets rid of their old claw sheaths

Cats have been doing it for thousands of years, and your feline companion is only 10,000 years domesticated so is still fairly wild by nature's timeframe, in fact this is what your cat thinks is happening, vs what you see:

As a responsible cat owner you undoubtedly have some great cat scratching posts for them to use, so it's just a matter of deterring your little lion. 

The Sticky Paws furniture strips go on easily, are double sided and make it unpleasant for your cat to scratch around that area - so train your cat to avoid those areas by applying some strips where you need them most. 

Each pack comes with 24 stripes.

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