Urine off for cats and kittens

Urine Off

for Cats and Kittens

Most recommended by vets in the USA as a cat urine stain and odor remover.
Recommended by vets worldwide.

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Especially designed
for Cats

Enzyme based formula breaks down the uric acid, blocks pheromones and removes territorial markers to prevent repeat spraying.


Breaks down the protein completely to remove the smell for good.


Hard or soft surfaces, Urine Off can remove urine from all of them.


Discourages repeat urination by eliminating markers.

Eliminate cat urine stains and odours now

FREE shipping to metro areas for orders over $50

How To Use Urine Off

Soak and Air-Dry

Completely soak the problem area, and allow to air dry. Repeat as necessary, and note that the more absorbent the material, the more Urine Off will be required.

Always check the surface first

Ensure the colorfastness of the area affected by trying an inconspicuous area prior to liberal use. Urine Off is mild but should always be tested.

Urine Off Only

Do not use other cleaners or chemicals at the same time, this will reduce effectiveness. You can dry the area, but to remove cat urine you need an enzyme based solution.

How Others Have Rated the
Urine Off

4.2 out of 5 Stars

Enjoy a cat urine stain and pee odour free home again