Kat Fu Catnip Cat Kicker

Kat Fu Kicker

by CatBox

A catnip infused cat-kicker for your cat to hunt and kill - over and over again!

Handmade in the USA
Exclusive to CatBox

a beating

Strong well made by hand, they're guaranteed to 1,000 bunny kicks.

Small Business

We have partnered with a small business to bring you these handmade cat-kickers.

with catnip

Premium catnip means your cat will react strongly - with rubs or kicks!


I'm pretty sure they could smell it before opening it. It is by far one of their favourite catnip toys, the quality of the catnip very evident.

Poppy, Bonnie, Phoebie and Rosie

Their Mum, Karen

Frank loved his box of goodies his favourite toy was the catnip kicker.

Frank the Boss


Choose Your
Kat Fu

We have a wide range of Kat Fu cat kickers available, pick the one that you love the best.

Each handmade cat kicker is only $15!